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Our services are available to all patients who are referred to HCA Hospice (HCA) by their doctors. The doctor can either be the patient’s consultant at a hospital or a general practitioner from a private clinic, and will need to complete this patient referral form.

You may also call us at 6251 2561 to request for a copy of the form to be mailed to you.


Home Care

Our home care service is provided free of charge. This is made possible through annual grants that HCA receives from the Ministry of Health (MOH) as well as through donations from foundations, corporate sponsors and members of the public.

Day Hospice

At our Day Hospice , we have a range of programmes and activities to suit different interests and levels of functions. Our services are provided at no cost, with the aim to engage patients in therapeutic activities such as light exercises, physiotherapy, music therapy and outings to places of interests.

Means Testing

Patients or their families are requested to complete a confidential income evaluation form – the MOH means test application form – with the help of our Patient Care Assistants. Information on the per capita income of a patient’s family and supporting documents are required.

This information through the means testing process will determine the exact subsidy HCA Hospice receives from MOH. This ranges from 30% to 80% of the cost of a doctor’s, nurses’, or medical social worker’s visit for Singapore Citizens, and from 15% to 55% for Permanent Residents.

Supporting documents required

We require the following from patients, their spouses and household members who are living at the same residence as patient as reflected on the NRIC address:

  • 1

    Clear photocopies of front and back of NRICs/FIN/Special Pass/Foreign Passports for:

    • a.

      Main applicant

    • b.

      All household members aged 15 and above;

  • 2

    Clear photocopies of birth certificates of all household members below 15 years of age;

  • 3

    Letters from ICA if the above do not apply;

  • 4

    Pay slips, employment letters or any income documents of the latest month for the main applicant and/or household members aged 21 and above with gross monthly income above $6,000;

  • 5

    Pay slips, employment letters or any income documents of the latest month for household members aged 21 and above who are foreigners.

  • 6

    Main applicant and all household members aged 21 and above to sign or thumbprint on Means Test Declaration Form.

  • 7

    Any Household member who is below aged 21, the parent or legal guardian has to sign or thumbprint as consent on behalf of him/her.