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30 September 2020


Notice is hereby given that the Thirty First (31st) electronic Annual General Meeting (eAGM) of HCA will be held by way of electronic means on Wednesday, 30 September 2020 at 7.00pm (Online registration opens at 6.30pm).

Your attention is drawn to the following articles of the HCA Constitution:

7.            An Ordinary member who is not in arrears of the subscription and/or levy, if any, shall have the right to nominate or second a candidate for election, stand for election and vote at general meetings save that an Ordinary member who has been a member for less than 12 months on the date of election shall not hold the post of President or Vice President or Honorary Secretary or Treasurer.

8.3          Candidates for election to the Council must be proposed and seconded by two Ordinary members and their names must be submitted to the Honorary Secretary and every candidate for election shall signify in writing his consent to his nomination. The list of candidates for election shall be closed fourteen (14) days before the date of the Annual General Meeting.

        The Council members shall elect among themselves the following office bearers as the first order of business at the first Council meeting to be held within two (2) weeks after the Annual General Meeting.

(a)           a President;

(b)           1 or 2 Vice Presidents;

(c)           a Honorary Secretary;

(d)           a Honorary Treasurer;

8.5          Members of the Council shall not hold office for a continuous period of more than 8 years. On the expiration of such period, one (1) year must elapse before any Ordinary member shall be eligible for re-election or co-option.    The Honorary Treasurer shall not hold the same post or related post for a continuous period of more than four (4) years.

 Business to be transacted:

1. Adoption of Annual Report for FY2019 (Year ended 31 Mar 2020).

2. Appointment/ Re-appointment of Deloitte & Touche LLP as Auditor.

3. Transit of HCA as a Society to a Company Limited by Guarantee (CLG) and Dissolution of HCA Hospice Care as a Society.

4. Election of the 23rd HCA Council Members.

In light of the COVID-19 situation and pursuant to the relevant order under the COVID-19 (Temporary Measures) Act 2020, the following arrangements will be adopted for the electronic Annual General Meeting:

a) A member will not be able to physically attend the eAGM.  A member may only attend the eAGM by observing and listening to the proceedings of the meeting by electronic means, through a link to be provided later.

b) Any member wishing to submit nominations, raise any matter for discussion or move any resolution at the eAGM, has to give notice in writing to the Honorary Secretary by 15 September 2020.

The eAGM will be recorded.  Any business transacted during the eAGM is not to be divulged to members of the public or to the media.

As there will be no voting through 'show of hands' during the eAGM on 30 Sep 2020, please vote and complete through the Proxy Form and RSVP on the reply slip which have been sent to you. Kindly return them to HCA Hospice Care not later than 15 September 2020 by using the self-addressed envelope enclosed in the mail or by emailing your forms to nancyt@hcahospicecare.org.sg

For enquiries, please contact Nancy Teo at DID no: 6891 9505.