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Being a Star PALS Medi Minder – doing small things with a big heart
10 September 2015

“As a Medi Minder, I learnt to appreciate the language spoken without speech. Time spent here is more than just hours and minutes. It is always treasured and meaningful,” Janice Soo, 20, finds great joy and meaning in serving as a Medi Minder for the past three years.

Medi Minders are a group of trained individuals who has the passion to bring quality and joy into the lives of children with life limiting factors. These children can enjoy life to the fullest with Medi Minders – reading, singing and entertaining them. A Medi Minder provides respite care for caregivers and takes over their role for a period of time.

Janice’s initial stages as a Medi Minder was challenging as she had to adapt and learn new ways of interacting with the children in Star PALS.

“Slowly, I began to feel their responses, emotions and needs. Such level of understanding and connection is really amazing. All it would take is sincerity and the sensitivity that comes,” says Janice. Her love for the children soon overcame the mixed feelings she initially had.

Many encounters with these children and their families are memories deeply etched in her mind and heart. Aqilah was one of those who left Janice with deep footprints.

“I often watched movies, went shopping and did things together with Aqilah, who was like any other 14-year-old teenage girl. I was there for her as a companion, walking the journey with her,” Janice says. They planned for many future shopping trips together. Sadly, Aqilah passed on while Janice was overseas. She felt a tinge of regret not being by her during the last moments but she holds on to the treasured memories. “Nevertheless, I am glad we managed to fulfil her last wishes together. I believe the time spent was not just fun but quality time.”

Being a Medi Minder has taught Janice to be sensitive to the different needs around her and helped her grow in maturity. Even though she feels sad that some children have passed on, she finds it a privilege to be able to help in the little ways she could. “At the end of the day, I always feel satisfied and recharged being able to touch lives in this manner. The caregivers are always very appreciative and generous with their thanks, for the little that I do,” says Janice.

Medi Minders like Janice provide some respite for the children’s care-givers. Initially they may feel apprehensive about leaving their children but after a session or two, they are confident that their children are in good hands with the Medi Minders.

“I am very happy with the service of the Medi Minder. It allows me to spend time with my other child,” says a regular user of the Medi Minder’s service. “My son is very happy whenever the Medi Minder visits and I don’t have to worry about him whenever I’m out.”

All it takes to be a Medi Minder is a willing hand with a big heart! Find out more about being a Medi Minders @ http://www.starpals.sg/services/medi-minders/ and join us today!