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Not one but four amazing outings for the patients at the Day Hospices
07 September 2015

What an eventful month of August for HCA Day Hospices! The two HCA day hospices had the opportunity to visit several places, each feasting on a sumptuous meal. Read on, enjoy the photos and check out the excitement and warmth fostered during the outings.

Jumbo Seafood

The month started with a blast at the Jumbo Seafood Restaurant on the 6th August. Served with a wide variety of food, accompanied with a beautiful birthday cake to celebrate August babies as well as Singapore’s big 50th birthday. “With my condition and age, I am happy to even be able to participate and enjoy at an outing such as this,” says Mr Pak Chuan Poh in Hokkien. A simple meal with the cozy company of friends, staff and volunteers ended with a symbolic time of reciting the Singapore Pledge and singing the National Anthem.

Cheng Tai Nursery cum Fruits Party

Upon arrival at Sungei Tengah Road on the 14 August, the patients were welcomed by the tranquility and scenic view of plantations and greenery.

Everyone was in their HCA caps, ready to go under the scorching sun for a walk around the Nursery. Strolling down the lanes of pots and plants, some spotted beautiful plants and started telling old tales of how they grew plants back in their era. It was definitely a fulfilling morning of conversations and exchange of interesting stories.

The start of the fruits party, especially the entry of the D24s and Mao Shan Wang durians, brought roaring excitement, laughter and smiles to all around the table. The patients definitely enjoyed the durians as they repeatedly chanted “吃!吃!很好吃!”(Eat! Eat! Very yummy! in Mandarin)

Everyone was overwhelmed by the amount of fruits and fragrance from the durians. Licking and washing their hands with the durian shells, all ready to set off for home. Before leaving, each one was presented with a pot of plant, of different species. Indeed, it was a new found love for many of the patients, appreciating nature and having a day away from the bustling and hustling of the city. With smiles plastered all over their faces, everyone went home with durian smelling fingers, stomachs filled to the brim.

We want to specially thank the owners of Cheng Tai Nursery for their generosity and hospitality. Seeing the needs of our beneficiaries, they went the extra mile to create a sheltered area for us and provided the best services with the manpower they had. Thank you, we are truly honoured and thankful for a day spent at the Cheng Tai Nursery!

SIA Sports club

On 20th August, our dearest patients proceeded straight for lunch after the warm welcome by Doctor Doris and her group of volunteers at the SIA Sports Club along Upper Changi Road.

There was a huge spread of food over the table to kick start the afternoon. “We are grateful to even be able to have such a meal, what more can we ask for,” says Mdm Ng in Mandarin, a day hospice patient. “We really ought to be thankful for whatever we have in life”. 

After a satisfying meal at the restaurant, everyone made their way slowly to the Karaoke room. The volunteers filled the atmosphere in the room with their enthusiastic singing and dancing! Many hidden singing talents were found in the midst of our patients during the interactive Karaoke session. 

Thank you Doctor Doris for treating the patients to such a hearty meal and interactive time at the Karaoke!

Sentosa Cove yacht cum lunch at Crystal Jade

On 25 August, patients, volunteers and staff arrived at the Sentosa Cove on a pleasant breezy morning. Walking in cheerily, enjoying the sights of the architectures and sounds of the sea, brought comfort and excitement to all who went for the outing. The first and second group of patient went out on the yacht, taking photos, enjoying the breeze while admiring the nature and passing by islands. “That’s St John Island!” shouted several patients, which continued with many sharing stories of their adventures when they were young. 

Thankfully the rain subsided after lunch at the Crystal Jade restaurant, just in time for the third group to head out and enjoy the ride. “This outing to Sentosa Cove on a yacht is definitely an exclusive treat for the patients and I am so sure they enjoyed themselves,” says Peggy, a dedicated volunteer of HCA Hospice Care.

Sentosa Cove marks the end of a fulfilling month packed with activities. With these outings in place, it gives our patients a time to relax, enjoy and live life to the fullest. At the end of the day, no matter how tiring it may be, the gleaming smiles on our patient’s faces never fails to bring great satisfaction and unspeakable joy to all our staff and volunteers. To them, that is what makes their work worthwhile.

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