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SG50 spirit comes to HCA Hospice Care
04 March 2015

Our day hospice patients aren’t missing out on the SG50 action!

If you’d seen the recent Chingay Parade, you’d have seen the amazing display of over a million plastic flowers that people across Singapore have been creating.

Here they are on display during a dress rehearsal. Photo credit to People’s Association.

These ‘We Love SG Flowers’ were crafted from used plastic bags, and we’re proud to say that we were a part of creating this magnificent display.

Since last November when the trainers came over to teach us how to make the flowers, our patients and staff have been working together to create the 1,000 flower contribution from HCA Hospice Care.

We finally completed the 1,000 flowers by mid-January!

Besides the ‘We Love SG’ Flowers, we also had a part to play in setting Singapore’s new record for the most hand-painted kudams – 700 in total spanning the island!

We’ve been fortunate to have Ms Vijaya Mohan, Rangoli Artist and Art Therapist with us over the past few months to instruct our patients in the Rangoli art and kudam-making.

Here she is at Kang Le Day Care Centre:

Mdm Ong really enjoyed the process – here she is, deep in concentration!

Ms Mohan helped us rig up a real lamp with our kudams when she came by with the certificate.

HCA is always looking for new and interesting ways to engage our patients. If you have any ideas or programmes that you think our patients might enjoy, drop us a word at communications@hcahospicecare.org.sg!