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Our very first HCA Day!
08 January 2015

Did you know that HCA was founded on 4 December, 1989 ?

On 5 December 2014, HCA Hospice Care celebrated our 25th birthday with our first-ever HCA Day at Raffles Town Club.

The evening kicked off with bowling for all, with staff from all departments mingled across the teams.

Here’s the pink team with (from left) lovely ladies Cheryl, Accountant, Jumintan, Day Hospice Assistant, Lily, Star PALS Assistant Nurse Manager, and Hui Ling, IT Manager…

…and their team member, Venus, our Bedok Satellite Medical Social Worker, looking stressed at the fate of her bowling ball.

Nurse Shirley from the Central Team was in the white team…

while Dr Chong, our Deputy Medical Director and Programme Director of Star PALS, brought style to the red team.

Meanwhile, the ‘Most Stylish Player’ award officially went to Nurse Alice of the Triage team for her unique bowling style.

Here’s the Jurong team, including Dr Kee, counsellor Saras, and Nurse Esther, cheering for their team mates.

The most stylish team award, however, went to the red team, Sirius, with their super-hero costumes, shakers, and huge signboard. Here’s Dr Chong with Day Hospice Assistants Christina and Rukmi, Day Hospice Supervisor Eileen, Senior Fundraising Executive Shirley, Day Hospice Assistant Rajesh, and Camillius of the IT team.

The blue team, however, were okay with going with the flow. Here’s our Volunteer Committee Chairperson Dr JJ Chua, along with Nurse Wang Le, Medical Social Worker Grace, Public Relations and Public Education Committee Chairperson Cecilia, Accounts Executive Arnel, and our CEO & Medical Director Dr Akhilesh.

Other special winners were recognised that night too!

Our System Analyst Woei Jye won our Peer Appreciation Award for his unending patience and helpfulness. He is known for the prompt and professional assistance he provides, and has never been known to lose his temper!

Meanwhile, our Admin Assistant Jenny, won not only the Best Female Bowler award, but also the Best Customer Service Award! Her smiling face and cheerful greetings brighten up our days in the office.

Ricky, our Day Hospice Assistant, was hands-down the Best Male Bowler that night.

Ivy Crawshaw, Head of Psychosocial Department, won a very special award that night – the Gutter Queen (a.k.a. Long Kang Queen)…

…along with our Day Hospice Assistant, Jumintan.

Here’s the final group photo we took – check out all our smiling faces. Happy 25th Birthday, HCA!

Photos are credit to Lawrence Loh, from non-profit group Portrait from the Heart. If you feel any other staff members, whether clinical or non-clinical, have touched you, do let us know at communications@hcahospicecare.org.sg .