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Their pain, my pain; their joy, my joy.
23 August 2014

Nurse Amy recently clinched the Nurses Merit Award 2014. Here’s what she has to say.

by Amy Lim, Assistant Satellite Manager


When I joined nursing in 1983, it became clear to me that nursing was my calling. It has been 31 years since then and I have never looked back!

It is a blessed privilege to be a nurse in palliative care, where I experience humanity in its most basic form. Every day, I know that I will touch a life, or a life will touch mine. Every day, my work is anything but routine, and I am required to think on my feet. Every day and every journey made with every patient is a sacred experience.

Nursing is all about hearts to love, hands to serve and an eagerness for lifelong learning to keep knowledge and skills up to date.

The following philosophies inspire and motivate me:

1. Their Pain, My Pain; Their Joy, My Joy

It is my desire to feel my patients’ pain and have develop an understanding of what is important and not important to my patients anymore during their last days. It is a sacred journey blessed unto us to walk into the unknown to step into the uncertainties with our patients, to discover together that life is worth living in the departure hall.

2. Beautiful Heart for Beautiful Work

Palliative care tenderly reminds me that every man and woman is of value. Every person matters and is deserving, not only of our skills, but of our friendship and respect, and most importantly, our humanity.

3. Pushing Palliative Care Beyond Borders

My dream is to go with this love for humanity beyond the comfort of Singapore. My experiences in Jakarta, Kolkata and Sri Lanka have enriched my work, and affirmed the need to push palliative care to all parts of the world, especially to the poor and needy countries. These experiences bring me back to the basic of life. Every life is equal and should be valued and loved preciously.

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