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Nurse Esther wins Healthcare Humanity Award
17 June 2014

Adopting roles from family mediator to Lego house builder, Nurse Esther has been awarded for going the distance for her patients. Here’s what she has to say.

I’m very honoured to win this award. I don’t think that what I’ve done is anything more than my duty, and I’m sure that my fellow nurses will say the same about the work they pour into their patients.

This award means a lot to me because it recognises all my efforts. I am grateful to HCA for giving me this opportunity, and would like to thank my team-mates for being so supportive in this journey. Of course, I will not become complacent, but instead work harder for the welfare of my patients.

In a way, being a nurse at HCA Hospice Care makes it so much easier to do more for my patients. I worked previously as a scrub nurse, where nursing tended to be task-oriented. In home hospice care, nursing goes right into the homes of our patients. In this kind of intimacy, it’s inevitable that nursing becomes so much more about our patient.

As a nurse at HCA Hospice Care, I’ve been able to grow and learn in ways I never have before, privileged with the trust of my patients and their family members. Being a home hospice nurse has taught me that palliative care is more than giving treatment. It’s healthcare that goes beyond the body, and that cares for the heart and mind of the patient as well.

Now, I am even more resolved to make a difference in my patients’ final journeys. It’s not just my patients I hope to make a difference for, though.

I hope to bring what I learn home, to teach my children to care for those around them, and to value life and their loved ones. I hope to be a role model to those around me, to carry forward the calling of palliative care, and the message of living –and dying- with no regrets.

Esther is just one of our extremely dedicated nurses who form the core of our organisation. If you’ve been touched or inspired by any of them, please let us know by emailing us at communications@hcahospicecare.org.sg!