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Coming Soon – the Kang Le Day Care Centre!
13 March 2014

On the 4th of December, 1995, our well-loved Day Hospice Centre at Jalan Tan Tock Seng began its operations.

Almost eighteen year later, HCA Hospice Care is excited to announce that we will soon be opening the doors to our brand new Day Hospice Centre in 2014.

Named the Kang Le Day Care Centre, this day hospice will cater to patients staying closer to its locale in the Marsiling and Woodlands region. The premises are currently under construction, and the official launch is projected to occur sometime in the middle of the year.

‘There’s definitely a strong need for a day hospice in the region,’ our COO, Elizabeth Koh, said. ‘We have quite a few patients who reside in that area.’

Progress shots on Kang Le’s construction – the walls are up!

Right now, our current Day Hospice reaches out to patients island-wide, including those staying around the Marsiling region. Day Hospice staff members drive out in the mornings to patients’ homes to transport them safely to our Day Hospice, then back again in the evenings to bring them home.

However, the long travel time necessary for those patients staying in the Woodlands region to reach our headquarters in Novena has acted as a major deterrent. Furthermore, the transport duration for these patients to travel back and forth from our premises impacts not only our staff, but patients in the vans who suffer discomfort from the long journey.

HCA Hospice Care sets out to counter these problems with Kang Le. Based on our research, we expect attendance rates to be maintained at an average of 25-30 per day at our existing day hospice, and to average from 15-20 (the maximum capacity) at Kang Le. This is due to the expected increase in demand in the coming years, and because of the increased accessibility for patients in the north.

Operationally, Kang Le will run just like our Day Hospice. Patients will be referred by HCA nurses and doctors, or from hospitals, and kept engaged at the centre with activities ranging from art and craft to mahjong and karaoke to physiotherapy. Volunteer and student visits and performances will be common items on the event calendar, as will sponsored outings to attractions across Singapore.

Kang Le’s name, deriving from the Chinese characters 康乐, meaning ‘healthy’ and ‘happy’, is aligned to our mission to keep patients with life-limiting and life-threatening diseases emotionally, mentally, socially and as physically healthy as they can be through the activities provided, and the company of individuals going through the same experience.

Friendships and social ties formed in the day

Our day hospice operates daily for our more ambulatory patients. Feel free to contact us at communications@hcahospicecare.org.sg should you have any queries about admission or volunteering there.