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Going Beyond the Limit for HCA
27 October 2017

We journey with Mr Lim Ngee Huat across 321.9 km in Great Britain for the home hospice cause.

HCA Hospice Care’s (HCA) ultramarathon superman, Mr Lim Nghee Huat, broke his 2016 record of 81 hours with an impressive timing of 71 hours at this year’s Ultra Great Britain 2017! Held from 19 to 23 August in Great Britain, the ultramarathon followed the Trans-Pennine Trail from Southport and finished at Hornsea. Mr Lim conquered the excruciating trail that covered mountains, hills, forests and valleys, deservedly earning the “Ultra Great Britain” Buckle at the very end.

Post-marathon, we chatted with him to find out what went on in this arduous journey.

 Mr Lim’s lucky number 7!

1. Congratulations on completing the Ultra Great Britain 2017 for the second consecutive year! What were some highlights in this year’s ultramarathon?

Thank you! The first highlight was that I got lost a couple of times – again! – despite running the same route a second time. It definitely doubled the fun!

The second highlight was achieving a much improved timing of three days and three nights – an improvement of ten hours from last year. It was so much faster than the projected timing that the specially-planned welcome party at the finishing point by the local town council had to be canceled and this became a celebratory dinner instead.

My third highlight was the honour of being invited as one of the panel of speakers at a pre-race talk organised by Ultra Great Britain 2017.  I had the opportunity to share about HCA’s cause and also, my experience as well as running tips as an ultramarathon runner.

Finally, I met so many new friends during the run, many of whom are such amazing people, each with a story to tell.

I told myself that I am running for HCA and this good cause.

2. Please share with us what motivated you to run again for HCA in 2017.

I received an email from HCA sometime in April 2015 inviting me to support their fundraising efforts through running. Unfortunately, I had to turn them down as I had already committed to another charity’s fundraising efforts in conjunction with SG50.

In the subsequent months after that invitation, I developed such a good impression of HCA through media reports and a colleague’s personal testimony that I decided to dedicate the Ultra Great Britain 2016 run to HCA’s work.

Ever since then, I gained more knowledge of and was touched by the work and services provided by HCA. This organisation naturally became my charity of choice when the invitation to participate in Ultra Great Britain 2017 came.

Trailblazing through valleys and mountains in the picturesque countryside of Great Britain.

3. When the going got tough, what kept you going?

I told myself that I am running for HCA and this good cause. This deserves my best effort and it compelled me to want to enjoy the journey all the more. It’s okay even if I have to endure physical pain.

 4. What was the most memorable moment for you during the ultramarathon?

Around 68 hours into the run, with slightly less than 15 km to go, I experienced extreme exhaustion due to severe sleep deprivation. I could not even open my eyes even when I was running. Fortunately, my fellow runner, Gordon, came alongside me and kept me awake by talking to me, cheering me on. We shouted, “Hornsea! Hornsea!” at the top of our lungs along the dark roads. It was truly an unforgettable moment!

 5. Complete the sentence. “Behind every successful ultra-marathoner is…”

A supportive family.

Mr Lim’s supportive family is key to his success.

6. What is one insight that you gained during the 200-mile journey?

Staying positive amid uncertainties during the times I got lost, I kept my cool and simply prayed and asked God to help me get back on track. There were many ‘angels’ along the journey who appeared at the right time to point us in the right direction.

When one is lost, never give up hope. You never know when help will come.

7. When is your next ultramarathon adventure?

I hope to participate in the Ultra Great Britain 2018 Scotland, which covers a distance of 345km.

All smiles despite the grueling task ahead.

We certainly look forward to your next running adventure, Mr Lim. You can be sure that all the staff, volunteers and friends of HCA will be rooting for you! Thank you for inspiring us not only through racing, but also, your perspectives that could only be formed through a life schooled in perseverance and philanthropy. 

Thank you once again for believing in the home hospice cause. We wish you all the best for Ultra Great Britain 2018 Scotland!

A job well done! Receiving the hard-earned “Ultra Great Britain” Buckle.

Follow Mr Lim’s ardous journey at the Ultra Great Britain 2017 below!