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CEO's Message
13 March 2013

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

Season's greetings!

I hope you found 2012 as fruitful and fulfilling as I did.

Many would agree that 2012 was a most eventful (and even demanding) year for all of us here at HCA Hospice Care.

While the previous year had wanted much of us physically, emotionally and mentally, the enriching experiences that we shared together as a team proved most meaningful and memorable.

Some of us from HCA Hospice Care had the privilege of visiting terminally-ill children at Rachel House and Dharmais Cancer Hospital in Jakarta, Indonesia.

As part of the entourage of volunteers comprising doctors, nurses, social workers and psychologists, we are thankful for the opportunity to partner and share our experiences with the locals who strive to help their patients live the remaining days of their lives with dignity and in comfort.

Such volunteering trips also strengthen us as palliative care professionals, and we hope to do the same for our colleagues in the region through continuous education and training.

As the number of nurses trained to look after terminally ill patients in Singapore has increased in recent years, the region's ageing population will also mean an increase in demand for quality geriatric and palliative care services in the community.

At HCA Hospice Care, we recognise that our multidisciplinary team of doctors, nurses, social workers and counsellors will continue to play a critical role in supporting our patients and their families in managing end-of-life issues.

As you may have recently experienced the year-end festive season as a time for merry-making and fun treats for the family, I urge you to also think of those who have to deal with death and dying in the family during the holidays.

On this note, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our volunteers and supporters for their generous contribution and time in making the holiday season more manageable and meaningful for our patients and their families.

In this issue of 'HCA Connect', for instance, we hear from some of our volunteers and staff, who share what it was like for them to dedicate a weekend in December 2012, to spread holiday cheer to our patients and their families in their homes.

And as we cross into the new year, we hope more will come forward to offer their care and a helping hand to the needy in our midst.

With that, I wish you a very happy and healthy new year, one that's filled with peace and harmony, in body, mind, heart and spirit.

As we recharge and prepare ourselves for the challenges ahead, may we also remind ourselves to cherish and care for the people around us, regardless of the time or season of the year.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely,
Dr R. Akhileswaran
CEO and Medical Director