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HCA Public Forum: Talking to Your Kid about Illness, Death and Dying
28 February 2019

Children often view illness, death and dying quite differently from adults. Finding the appropriate words and right approach is challenging, a knowledge gap the HCA Public Forum aims to fill.

By Toh Wei Shi, HCA Community Relations

How do we broach the topic of illness, death and dying with a child? Knowing how or what to say is never easy, especially when we are struggling to come to terms with the experience ourselves.

What about preparing a child for seemingly premature farewells? Whether it is the child who is experiencing illness or losing a family member, goodbyes are always difficult.

All of the above subjects and more, will be covered in this public forum, which will feature top-notch experts in the paediatric palliative care field from the United States. Register for the event by scanning the QR code in the poster or visiting our website: https://www.hca.org.sg/Register-Form/10/Talking-to-your-child-about-illness-death-and-dying