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"Precious Gems 55" - "It Only Takes a Spark to Get the Fire Going" - Kurt Kaiser
01 December 2020

Trixie* simply wanted to pay-it-forward and she was looking for a charity to do so. We were so fortunate to be connected to her. After a single presentation, she was convinced that HCA was the charity she wanted to help. Within a week, she garnered support and help in so many ways. For our staff virtual Dinner and Dance, she, together with a gifts company pledged 140 care packs, as door gifts for our staff. She put us in touch with a yoga teacher to run weekly yoga classes for our staff, on a probono basis. Most significantly, she reached out to Sound of Art, a family of collectors passionate about art that speaks to the soul.

Sound of Art has a group of renowned artists in their fold and Glenda* immediately agreed to meet us. Glenda has held solo art exhibitions at various prominent Singapore locations and has her art displayed at Changi Airport. At the meeting, Glenda and Sound of Art readily agreed to a fund raising campaign for Glenda to paint with our Day Hospice patients, then to sell the paintings, proceeds of which will come to HCA. We were delighted.

A day after our meeting, Glenda had already thought of the art pieces that she intended to draw. She then setoff to work on the pieces and by middle November, was at our Day Hospice working on the first piece with our patients. Todate, she has completed three of five pieces and will deliver all to us by middle December. This is an amazing feat by anyone, in such a short time.

Glenda was also quick to notice that we have StarPALS, a paediatric palliative service and asked if we could send her more information. With that, she immediately pulled a church friend, Jamie*, a corporate trainer and part time baker and decided to bake “Emmanuel cupcakes” with nativity scenes drawn on marzipan by Glenda. Some of these cakes will be gifted to our StarPALS program. Although a part time baker, Jamie has been in the news for her famous Yuzu Chiffon cakes. The love and support of HCA by these two ladies is now extended to include the “Emmanuel cupcakes” and Jamie’s special Yuzu Chiffon cake in their donation drive. During this season of giving, a percentage of the proceeds from the sale of these cakes will come to HCA. 

We hope that the paintings and the cakes will find favour with our supporters, looking for something different to gift each other. And in the process, raise more funds that will enable HCA to continue to serve our patients and their families.

We also appreciate Gerard* from Sound of Art, who will be donating a pavilion dubbed "Peace and Power" to be sited at HCA’s reception. Together with an ex-partner they had entered a competition, for ideas to improve wellness and won it. Equipped with wireless charging for phones and panels that light up when more people use it, the competition was organised by the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) and the Real Estate Developers' Association of Singapore (Redas) in 2018. We hope that you will enjoy the pavilion when you next visit us at the HQ.

It only took a "spark", that one phone call and HCA has been enriched with a string of blessings. I feel really blessed that in the short span of six weeks, we had the generous love and support of four wonderful friends, whom we had only just met. Each of them gifting to us, with gifts from their hearts. In the process, our patients, our staff, our donors and friends will get to enjoy your gifts. Thank you Trixie, Glenda, Jamie and Gerard. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the care and love that you have given us. We really appreciate it! May God bless you! 

*not their real names