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Hand, Head & Heart
30 January 2017

 A K+ SOTA Art Exhibition Fundraising Event for HCA Hospice Care

Amid the Christmas shopping and flurry of excitement in preparation for the festive season, 14 young talented artists from the School of the Arts (SOTA) were busy at work putting on final touches to their artwork for the “Hand, Head & Heart” exhibition — an Art of Giving initiative by Scotts Square. This is in collaboration with K+, a curatorial space by boutique design agency Kinetic Singapore.

HCA Hospice Care (HCA) was privileged to be the beneficiary of this exhibition, where 50% of the proceeds from the sale of artworks was donated to the organisation.

“As with every year, Art of Giving is our way of paying it forward. Scotts Square has always been a proud supporter of local emerging talent and we are thrilled to work with K+ to present these amazing works,” says Stephanie Tay, Marketing Group General Manager of Wheelock Properties Singapore.

The installment at K+ was on display from 25 November 2016 to 7 January 2017. The works of art presented by Year 4 to 6 SOTA students represents a powerful combination of diverse perspectives as well as unique artistic voices.

Here are some of the awe-inspiring artworks.

ERASURE by Safiah Noorhimli, Year 6

“Inspired by Gerhard Richter’s technique of “scrapping” paintings when the artist created ‘Erasure’. Safiah used the same technique in her piece to blur the lines between the real and unreal.”

MANIFESTATION by Ng Wei Kiat, Year 6

“Meticulously painted by hand on a wood panel, Manifestation is the artist’s interpretation of how an idea takes shape and forms. The billowing shape, resembling an underwater sea creature, symbolises the birth and death of an idea.”

UNDERPINNED by Desiree Low, Year 6

“Underpinned is an interactive work that encourages visitors to use it as they view other works. When faced with negativity and heavy emotions, how does an individual stay grounded? Despite experiencing situations that can affect us in negative ways, the artist believes that we have to pull through and learn; it is only through these moments that we become stronger and more stable.”

ORIGIN by Beverly Chew, Year 6

“An exploration of form and texture, this work uses plaster to examine the limitations and potential of the medium in capturing both smooth curves as well as crinkled, rumpled contours. The sensuality of these forms stood out for the artist and formed the basis for subsequent work.”

BONSAI by Darren Tan, Year 5

“Bonsai reflects the landscape of Singapore, the Garden City – beautiful yet unnatural, like a bonsai. Only with human intervention, can nature grow, just as bonsai trees only flourish under human care. While the wire bonsai looks pleasing to the eye, none of them are truly “natural”.

CRESTFALLEN by Desiree Low, Year 6

“Pigmented with different shades of a blue glaze stain, Crestfallen is one of the few works in which the artist has used colour. Here, blue represents loyalty and depression. These two contrasting meanings symbolise how people can continue to be loyal to others despite being in unfavourable situations, which may result in negative consequences.”

This entire exhibition amplifies the potential our younger generation has when it comes to pursuing their passion for the arts and encouraging viewers to view art through a different lens. This same generation has our hopes placed in them in caring for our silver generation. We are thankful to be able to partner K+ and SOTA in this fundraising initiative and for the incredible effort injected into this exhibition, which raised more than $3,000 for our home hospice cause.