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Precious Gems 61 - An OASIS for all
31 May 2021

Monstera, famous for their natural leaf-holes and hence their nickname, Swiss Cheese Plant will “greet” all our guests as you enter [email protected] Why did we call the premise Oasis? An oasis has frequently been used symbolically in books, to mean abundance and hope and that is exactly what we would like our newest Day Hospice to be – a place of abundance and hope! 

Through the glass doors, you will enter a brightly lit tunnel, lined with yellow lockers with large, differently shaped handles for you to store your belongings. On the left will be a large activity board which allows you to see the schedule of various activities for the day. Every morning, we plan to serve all guests a welcome drink in the large cafeteria right in the front, which serves as an area for coffee chats and meals. We envision that the place will smell of freshly baked bread and freshly brewed coffee as it will be fully stocked with bread, cookies and coffee for you to enjoy throughout the day. There are large baking ovens and coffee machines for baking and cooking lessons and also barista – the art of coffee making lessons. There is also a bar for weekly Happy Hours.  

With three activity rooms, including a computer and mah-jong room, you may choose from a myriad of activities planned for the day.  

Within [email protected] are quite a few areas of interest. We have a dental room just to keep your pearlies clean and fresh smelling , a ‘Spalon’ which caters for haircuts, manicures and pedicures and massages, a conservatory where your green fingers can be put to good use, a movie room replete with chairs just like those from GV (Golden Village), a rest area featuring eight sleep pods, a conversation room connected with a large screen for virtual family conversations with relatives who cannot come to the Day Hospice, a clinic to see the doctor and most special of all, the ‘dungeon’ – a place for our StarPALS kids to enjoy their day with us, giving their loved ones some respite. In the dungeon, there is a hoist installed, which allows our children to enjoy a spa, which is within the dungeon.  

All this exciting news about [email protected] is only made possible through the wonderful support of Lien Foundation and we thank them sincerely for their generosity. 

The outcome HCA hopes to achieve is Hope, Comfort, Aspiration for all who come to [email protected] 

Founded on the 3Ds of Dignity, Diversity and Development, we hope to provide to our beneficiaries at [email protected] – in the area of Dignity, acknowledgement and respect of the unique qualities of the individual, as a person rather than a patient. In Diversity, a menu of programs with options to choose what to do, and at which time. Finally, in Development, to facilitate the opportunity to reflect and find meaning, also to learn till the end. A snapshot of the different activities and services available to our beneficiaries in [email protected]

We are looking to host up to 50 patients and their family caregivers daily on weekdays, between 7am and 7pm! Everyone will be gently encouraged, within their means to participate in setting up, cleaning up and also plan their own programs. 

We are pleased to have included feedback from our beneficiaries, professional comments from our volunteers in the co-creation of [email protected] We are hoping that our volunteers and also students from our young Caregivers (yCG) program, can help to operate multiple, evolving streams of programs, as part of how activities in [email protected] will look like. We would like to encourage all our friends and supporters to join in the fun, so that we are able to add “life to days” for all our beneficiaries.  

[email protected] will be ready in July 2021 and we are looking forward to welcoming our first guests. Be the first to be part of a whole new world, a new, different and holistic Day Hospice!