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Precious Gems 63 - The Invisible GEMS
05 August 2021

Besides our frontliners, equally important to HCA, is a team of staff who work quietly in the background, ensuring that HCA continues to run like clockwork, ensuring that our clinical team members can support our beneficiaries well. These are the many invisible and unsung heroes of HCA and we have all of them to be thankful for.


Our Operations and Admin team who keep our premises clean, ensuring that there is someone at the reception to greet you and answer all the phone calls, making sure that we have coffee, tea and snacks to satiate our appetites, procuring all our requirements, including little items such as glue and stamps, just to name a few. Most importantly, they are there keeping the lights on for all of us at HCA.


Our Human Resource team has been constantly on the lookout for resources to hire, so that we can support more patients. They work tirelessly to help staff fulfil their training hours, work on better benefits for us and keeping us up to date on HR policies and processes. They ensure that we all get paid on time, be it our salaries, bonuses or medical claims.


The Finance team is an important group that keeps us abreast of how we are doing financially. They book in the donations we receive, pay our vendors, so that services to HCA are not disrupted, pay out financial assistance to our needy patients and calculate our transport claims. They have the unenviable task of hosting our external and internal auditors.


Our Communications team is always on the lookout for ways to make HCA more visible. They write many stories, fill up our social media regaling many wonderful stories, prepare our Annual Report and take hundreds of beautiful photos for all of us. They are the team who face the media.


We have our Volunteer Management and Engagement team who spend countless hours enticing volunteers to work with us in supporting our beneficiaries, then training them and finally ensuring that there are enough volunteering activities for them. They arrange many events for HCA and are the main conduit to link volunteers with the many ‘jobs’ out there, to be done for our patients.


Another team that works hard is the Fundraising team. Their targets are high, so every year, they have to plan for fundraising events that appeal to the public. They have to organise the events, meet many prospects, in order to bring the donations in. It is not easy, as there are many charities in Singapore, all vying for the same donation pie.


We also have a Project team that has made Oasis@Outram, our newest and latest Day Hospice, the envy of many people who have visited. They also work on our Enterprise Risk Management and of late, the project to convert HCA from a Society, to that of a Company Limited by Guarantee.


Our one person, Corporate Secretariat team ensures that the administrative needs of the Council, EXCO and senior management are well taken care of, including the smooth running of our Annual General Meetings, Council and EXCO meetings and keeping track of membership information for HCA.


The Medical Affairs team helps to keep track of the patient counts, that there are sufficient clinical resources out there for our patients. They are the ones to submit our claims for the very important subventions that we receive. They manage the administrative aspects of our clinicians.


We also have a small Research team, who conducts studies, collates data, to see where we can improve in patient care.


The Patient Care Admin team is a key team of staff running the satellites. They need to conduct patient surveys, key in patient data, maintain the satellite offices and basically be the ‘office managers’ there.


The Pharmacy team is an important team that ensures we have the correct and also sufficient medication for each satellite to use. Some of their work include pre-packing of medicines, taking stock and ensuring that the pharmacy is well maintained.


Then we have the Information Technology team, without whom, we cannot keep track of our patient information, we cannot communicate with each other over email. They are the infrastructure that keeps all of HCA together.


The jobs done by each team is far more than what I have described here. Every person takes pride in his or her work and does it to the best of their ability. Whilst no one team is better than the other, I can confidently say that every team is as important in their own right and it is the team spirit, team work and camaraderie that keeps HCA up and running and most importantly, keeps us strongly united together. This is exactly what makes HCA such a wonderful place to work in. I am so proud and grateful for the unsung heroes and heroines, or GEMS, as I would like to call them, who work with Compassion, Professionalism and Respect!