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Precious Gems 68 - The Final Chapter
30 December 2021

This will be my last ‘gem’ to all of you and as I write it, I feel a great heartache, knowing that I will miss the camaraderie, the togetherness and the passion of the best team in the world. At the same time, I feel an immense sense of pride for a team, that is second to none – the envy of any other CEO. My journey in HCA would not have been as wonderful as it was, in the last six years, had it not been for each of you. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone, for all your love, your hard work, your relentless spirit of dedication, more so, in the last two years, due to COVID.

The journey for me, has by no means, been an easy one, over the last six years. But with all of your support and with all of us working tirelessly together, we have come very far. Many people have told me that HCA is the organisation that they would like to join and that all the staff in HCA are impressive, so passionate, so dedicated and so committed.

I will always have special and fond memories of the six years that I spent with all of you. I treasure much the home visits I used to make with the clinical teams – I have learnt so much from you and from the families I visited. I enjoyed the skip level meetings that I had with you – these meetings counted for all the things that matter to all of you. We spent time encouraging and coaxing our donors to donate generously and I must say, it was honestly not so difficult. Why? It was simply because you were all doing such good work and people saw it for themselves.

We had a lot of good times and some not so good times. If you recall, after we moved to KWSH, our water dispenser broke and we had a mini flood that soaked our spanking new office. Early this year, we had a catastrophic office fire, that had us working out of boxes for a good 11 months. Till today, as some of us are unpacking our things in the newly refurbished office, we are still dealing with the aftermath of thick coats of soot, still lingering on our belongings.

I am very proud to say that together, we transformed the organisation from a 90 staff team to more than 140 and we grew the organisation from $14.1m to $18.7m in operating income. We won the Charity Transparency Award for 4 consecutive years, including a Special Mention for the Governance Award. Over the years, the accolades won by all of you, are really proud achievements so well deserved by you. These include the Healthcare Humanity Awards, Community Care Excellence Awards, Nurses’ Merit Awards, the prestigious Outstanding Social Worker Award and President’s Volunteerism & Philanthropy Awards, just to name a few. The organisation also obtained the Data Protection Trust Mark (DPTM) certification in 2020.

We ran events such as the Family Foto Fair, Sunflower Remembrance Day, StarPALS Family Day, Volunteer Appreciation Night, Learn@HCA – all with raving feedback from our beneficiaries.

Most importantly, the time that we spent together, building such a wonderful HCA, has made these six years, so special, so unforgettable and it has been a truly magical time for me.

It is therefore my hope that, as you move ahead in the coming years, to strive to achieve even great heights of excellence, you will remain as actively engaged as ever, aligned with our passion to provide only the best for our beneficiaries. We can only achieve this through passion, commitment and the willingness to serve with heart and with joy.

Thank you for everything! Most of all, I will miss all of you, my PRECIOUS GEMS, but I am sure our paths will cross again. Do take very good care of yourselves!








With lots of HUGS and LOVE