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8 Words of Wisdom on Palliative Care
10 October 2016

I love being a palliative care nurse. It is such a privilege to be able to hold someone’s hand at the end of their life journey and to bring a little comfort at this time of loss. My heart breaks when they breathe their last… But at least I have been there for them.

– Serene Wong, Palliative Care Nurse

Palliative nursing care is about purposeful living while being “powerless”. It’s about human connection, bonded by mutual respect. Our patients are all in their helpless state and our “job” is to connect and care for them. We lead them to their rainbow, we guide them to their stars in darkness.

– Amy Lim, Palliative Care Nurse


It’s a privilege and calling to be a palliative care nurse.

– Carol Toh, Palliative Care Nurse

Palliative nursing care is not magical, but there is “magic” in special moments when we connect with our fellow human being.

– Lily Li, Palliative Care Nurse


Palliative nursing care is about being an educator, empowerer and advocate to our patients and their caregivers.
It’s about being driven by passion and serving with compassion.

– Jodie Sin, Palliative Care Nurse

Being a nurse in palliative nursing care requires one to have a calm and stable mind, so as to serve our patients with professionalism and respect.

– Angela Tan, Senior Manager (Nursing)


Being a palliative care nurse is a very meaningful job. It allows us to journey with our patients and allows them to pass on in a peaceful and dignified way.

– Esther Chong, Palliative Care Nurse

Being so close to the edge can be extremely challenging, but the deep insights and satisfaction gained makes it worth the while.

– Dr Chong Poh Heng, Medical Director