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Running 320KM Across Great Britain For HCA Hospice Care
13 September 2016

By day, Mr Lim Nghee Huat is a Mediacorp Chinese current affairs editor, but by night, he trains hard for the inaugural Ultra Great Britain 320km Run – and the sweat and tears sure paid off!

Last month, from 20 – 23 Aug, Mr Lim covered more than the 320km, running coast-to-coast along the Trans-Pennine Trail to raise funds and awareness for our patients. The brave soul was the only Singaporean who participated in the ultramarathon, and finished fifth in the race, after pounding the road, both on and off the beaten tracks for 81 hours. Out of the 27 participants, more than half retired at different stages.

The long and arduous journey began from Southport (north of Liverpool) spanning across different cities including Liverpool, Halton, Warrington, Trafford, Manchester, Stockport, Tameside, High Peak, Barnsley, Rotherham, Doncaster, Shelby, Hull, and ending at Hornsea.

The weather was chilly. Mr Lim had to brace strong winds and rain throughout the race with temperatures below 15 deg C. Most times, he had to wear three layers of clothing to stay warm. Mr Lim said that he and his crew were lost almost every day. “First night, after about 125km into the run, I met 3 front runners who lost their way in the middle of nowhere. We were later joined by 2 other runners and the 6 of us spent about 2 hours to get back on the right track. On the third night I got lost in the woods and ran an extra 5km before finding my bearings.”

Though there were moments when I was very tired and down, I had never once thought of giving up, and always remained hopeful and cheerful.

Throughout the course of his run, Mr Lim was greatly supported by his team comprising his wife, Deborah, who was in charge of his drinks, food and attire, two support runners, his son David and James Sng, both medical doctors and physician, Tomas Wally. Mr Lim also attributes the success of this ultramarathon to the many sponsors including Deloitte, Osim, Midas Holdings, Qianhu Holdings, Everglory Logistics and Links Holdings. Looking back to when he first started, Mr Lim said that he is “very honored and thankful for the opportunity to work with HCA. It is a wonderful journey with HCA to run across England to raise funds for its needs. I hope more people will come forward to give their support to them.”

Having completed the race, Mr Lim describes his experience as “Amazing! My first experience running in the UK, the weather was cold even though it is now their summer. But I have completed my mission and I am very happy. I have now achieved a new level and limit of my running for a good cause.”

Mr Lim arrived at the finishing line triumphant, with the Mayor of Hornsea on site to receive and welcome him.

More than $160,000 have been raised through Mr Lim’s efforts to raise funds and awareness for our home hospice cause. From the bottom of our hearts, we are truly humbled and grateful to have Mr Lim’s support and belief in HCA. This amount will be instrumental in assisting us to further our home hospice cause, and enable us to make 730 more visits to our home hospice patients.

Drop a word of encouragement at communications@hcahospicecare.org.sg to Mr Lim Nghee Huat! You may visit https://www.giving.sg/hca-hospice-care/running_the_320km_ultra_great_britain_for_hca to donate to a worthy cause!