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Lim Nghee Huat still going strong at 63
11 July 2016

“It’s about time I do something for HCA Hospice Care,” says Mr Lim Nghee Huat, living his life to the fullest at 63.

“I believe HCA Hospice Care is doing a good job as a charity organisation, helping patients in their last stage of life,” says Nghee Huat. The overwhelming stories and testimonies Mr Lim hears inspires him to do even more for the cause.

No stranger to ultramarathons, Nghee Huat will be participating in the upcoming 320 km Ultra Great Britain Run to raise funds for HCA Hospice Care on 20th August 2016.

Nghee Huat is a highly motivated athlete and nothing deters him from exercising despite his tight schedule. Gearing up towards the ultramarathon, requires him to keep to a disciplined and strict training regime.

How It All Began

HCA Hospice Care first contacted Nghee Huat in April last year to join us at the 2015 The North Face 100, Nghee Huat had to turn down the invitation as he was attempting to complete a 2,500 km run in 50 days to celebrate SG50. It was also his lead up lead up to the 2015 SEA Games Torch Light-up Ceremony on 4 June.

In February this year, to our pleasant surprise, Nghee Huat wrote to our President, Dr Tan Poh Kiang, thanking him for his words of encouragement in 2015 and offered to dedicate his Ultra Great Britain 320 km run in August this year to raise funds for our work. HCA Hospice Care welcomed the offer with open arms.

Gearing Up

Nghee Huat is not lax when it comes to taking care of his personal well-being. He does his training runs twice a week for about one to two hours when there is no competition and increases his mileage to about 30km each time there is an upcoming ultramarathon.

His supportive family accompanies and paces him whenever he participates in an ultramarathon. Additionally, his son who is a doctor, takes care of his health and ensures that he is physically fit for vigorous exercises.

The fact that Nghee Huat is able to combine his passion for running with a good cause excites him even more as he preps towards the ‘big day’. He is assured that the money raised will maximise the potential of HCA Hospice Care – providing the best care to those near the end of their lives.

Each of us should do our part and give back to society.
I do not run just for funds, I also want to create greater awareness
among people about the work HCA does and the people who are in need.

Giving Back To Society

Nghee Huat believes that there are a group of people calling out for help and he is compelled to render support to those in need.

Aside from the Ultramarathon in August, Mr Lim will be hosting a fundraising dinner on 15th July 2016 at the Raffles Town Club. To date, $133,800 have been raised from the sale of tables.

“Every day is a blessing. Enjoy and give thanks as long as you can contribute and do your part,” encourages Mr Lim. Through his actions, Mr Lim hopes to reach out widely to those in need, bringing meaning and hope to their lives.

The thought of giving up has never crossed Mr Lim’s mind as he continues to give and commit his time to go the extra mile for HCA Hospice Care. It is not by any chance that Mr Lim is a tough and strong headed runner. He started running since his early days as a student and he eventually attained many championships. Gradually, running became his hobby and a form of relaxation.

“I am not afraid of the pain but I want the pain to be afraid of me,” Mr Lim often reminds himself. “Building my mental strength to overcome is important.”

HCA Hospice Care is privileged and honoured to have Mr Lim Nghee Huat raising awareness and fundraising for our cause. Our patients go through a journey well depicted by a marathon – physical pain, sometimes, with mental and emotional pain too. As an organisation, we want to journey with our patients and provide the best care we can. We want our patients to know that they are not alone in this journey and we look forward to adding life to their days and not days to life.

Ultra Great Britain is a unique 320 km Ultra-Marathon following the Trans-Pennine Trail from Liverpool to Hornsea earning an amazing ‘Ultra Great Britain’ Buckle. The Trail follows a variety of terrain over the Pennines and combines a mixture of natural trail and urban trail. There is a 100 hour cut off for the event.

Drop a word of encouragement at communications@hcahospicecare.org.sg for Mr Lim Nghee Huat as he gears up towards the “Big Day”! You may visit https://www.giving.sg/hca-hospice-care/going_the_extra_mile to donate and support Mr Lim Nghee Huat as he participates in the 320 km Ultra Great Britain Run!