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Santa Claus is coming to town!
11 July 2016

Why are we talking about Santa Claus when Christmas is still five months away? Well, Star PALS would like to extend our appreciation and thanks to Be MySanta in this issue of HCA Connect!

Be MySanta is an annual non-profit initiative that matches Christmas wishes from children of selected beneficiaries to kind donors also know as “Santa” who secretly surprises children with their needs and wants.

“Through Be MySanta, we want to show that Christmas remains an occasion for us to show love and care for fellow beings and strangers,” says Jacob Toh who started this initiative with his wife in 2009.

The outreach has touched the lives of more than 400 underprivileged children across six children homes in Singapore since then, with a common motive – to spread the festive joy to as many children as possible.

Star PALS had the privilege of being one of the six children organisations that have been blessed by the works of Jacob and his team.

“We identify strongly with the work the organisation is doing and more importantly, it was personally a very meaningful thing for us to bless these children,” says Jacob.

Patients from Star PALS simply answer a questionnaire specially tailored for them. After receiving the forms, Jacob and his team would actively reach out to volunteer donors and these “Santa(s)” will get into action and purchase meaningful gifts that they think the children would fancy.

Collection booths were plotted all across Singapore last Christmas for the nurses to collect the presents which were delivered to the beneficiaries thereafter.

The presents range from simple stationary sets to extravagant presents such as a digital piano which was placed at a children’s home for all to enjoy.

“There is always a burst of joy and excitement when they witness the less fortunate children benefitting from our annual event,” exclaims Jacob. “Every Be MySanta event leaves a fuzzy feeling among those who take part.”

When asked if he would continue investing in the lives of beneficiaries from Star PALS, Jacob replies with a resounding “Definitely!”

It will be Jacob and his team’s fourth year working with Star PALS and he hopes to continue this meaningful and influential project in the years to come.

“Be MySanta brought many happy smiles to our children (and parents) in Star PALS. We see how the volunteers really put their hearts in choosing an appropriate gift for each and every child,” says Serene Wong, nurse from Star PALS. “Thank you for making a difference and sharing joy with what you do!”

Star PALS is immensely grateful to these group of generous donors.

In many ways, Jacob and his team have grown together with the organization and got to know the children better.

“Giving costs you almost nothing but benefits you immensely,” says Jacob who strongly believes in promoting the spirit of giving and continues to put it into action as he partners with Star PALS. “It is very satisfying to know that in our small little ways through Be MySanta, we are able to make these children happier.”

Visit www.starpals.sg to find out more about the services we provide for children with life limiting or life threatening illness. If you wish to participate or donate, please do not hesitate to click here.