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IntroductionGrief Support

What We Do

The Psychosocial Services team is dedicated to applying social work knowledge and skills competencies in palliative and end-of-life care to alleviate suffering and maximise quality of life for patients, their families and caregivers.

Besides managing social cases and providing individual and family counselling, the team actively networks with other agencies to provide holistic care and support to patients and their families.

We recognise that adults and children grieve differently and for more information and resources specific to children, please see this link.

Our Services

The Psychosocial Services team in HCA Hospice (HCA) supports both patients and their families as they journey through their adjustments and losses. Our team comprises qualified Medical Social Workers, Counsellors, a Spiritual Care Counsellor and an Art Therapist.

Social Services and Counselling

During the progressive stages of life-limiting illness, we offer :

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    Professional counselling for patients and their families on issues related to grief, death and dying

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    Help with practical concerns like care planning, financial assistance and referrals to community resources etc

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    Spiritual support for all faiths, cultures and beliefs

As the families journey through their grief, we offer support through :

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    Bereavement counselling

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    Remembrance and Memorial services

Art Therapy

This service is tailored to the emotional needs of the individuals, for our patients, adults or children, and their families, aiming to provide emotional support and relief.

Participants need not be good in art or have any art experience. Supported by the art therapist, they can choose how they wish to use art materials for expression and communication.

Art Therapy can help :

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    Promote a sense of inner well-being through activities for integration of body and mind

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    Support safe expression of pent-up feelings and overwhelming thoughts when words are inadequate

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    Help the individuals value and understand their unique experience of illness, loss and grief

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    Enhance adults’ understanding of a child’s inner world experience and emotional needs

My feeling of loneliness is released bit by bit. It is important not to keep feelings to yourself as it will only give you more burden to carry on.
– A HCA patient
Art therapy provided a way to de-stress...directed my attention away from pain and worries, and motivated me to do my best for my loved ones.
– A HCA caregiver

Spiritual Care

This service is available to our patients and caregivers, regardless of race, nationality or religion. We are sensitive and respectful of different faith traditions, beliefs and cultural needs.

Our service caters to those who:

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    Have an issue to discuss or are concerned about

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    Are anxious about their sickness

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    Want someone to pray with, and for them

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    Are feeling alone, worried, sad or confused

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    Need support to adjust to a wide range of feelings of loss and/or grief

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    Just want a listening ear

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    Leaving behind a legacy

Walk with me to the water,
When it comes my time.
What we say will not matter,
Just keep your hand in mine.
I'll cross the water by myself,
I know that's what I must do.
But the chilling sting won't be felt,
Because I've walked with you

- Nellie Keller


Rental Of Homecare Equipment

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There are also companies with equipment rental services in Singapore that include hospital beds, mobility aids, and other supportive items.

Community Based Care

Singapore Silver Pages

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Social Service Office

For financial assistance near your home.

Singapore Hospice Council

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Nursing Homes And Agencies

Arrangement for short-term stay in nursing home provides temporary relief for family caregivers from caring their loved ones at home.

A list of private nurse agencies in Singapore

Transportation For Persons Needing Care

Vehicle Transport Service

Vehicle transport service provides convenience to people who face difficulties using public transports due to physical limitation. It facilitates the need to travel for appointments on a regular basis such as physiotherapy, dialysis or other regular medical treatments.

Financial assistance schemes

Singapore Cancer Society

Singapore Cancer Society - The Society provides a range of financial assistance schemes to alleviate the financial burden of treatment costs for Singaporeans and PRs from low to middle income families.

Free legal clinics

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For info on making a Will

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Bereaved caregiver support

For emotional support, support groups, counselling. O’ Joy Care Services

Family and Youth Engagement